How Can I Order Prednisone

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I have been prescribed Predisnone as follows - 8x5mg for 7 days (40mg daily for a week)/ 7x5mg for 7 days / 6x5mg for 7 days / 5x5mg for 7 days / 4x5mg for 7 days/ 3x5mg for 7 days / 2x5mg for 7 days / 1x5mg for 7 days

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My first prednisone dose about matched that dosage and length of time. There were side effects that weaned with time but they were worth the relief. We’ve already removed all the cabinet doors and closet doors in the house. We spent 3 months making the house adhd friendly. When I say I’ve tried everything I mean I’ve tried everything. I feel hopeless.